Rules & Points System

Based heavily on participation, the Papillion Race Series provides an extra incentive for all ages and abilities to participate in a community race.  It is free to participate and no extra registration is required.  Registration is automatic when one participates in a series event.

Final 2018 Point Standings

Participation Points

If an individual participates in all events for the year, he/she will earn an additional 50 points.

  • Papillion Half Marathon = 100 points
    Papillion 10K = 50 points
    Papillion 5K = 25 points
  • Papillion Days Duathlon
    Individual = 100 points
    Team Member = 50 points
  • Mayor’s Triathlon = 100 points
  • Sumtur Twilight Dash
    10K = 100 points
    5K = 50 points

The Last Try at Summer Kids Triathlon and the Papillion Twilight Bike Criterium are not included in the point system at this time.

Performance Points

  • Overall Male/Female Award = 75 points
  • 1st Place Age Group Award = 50 points
  • 2nd Place Age Group Award = 40 points
  • 3rd Place Age Group Award = 30 points

The PRS will track points.  Tracking begins when an individual participates in any PRS event.  Series winners are determined by individual points at the end of the year.

In the event of a tie:  The individual with the fastest recorded time in an event to be determined by the PRS where both individuals participated will be declared the winner.  Winners must have participated in 2 or more events to be considered for an overall award.


Awards will be given out for the following categories based on individual point totals.

  • Grand Prize Overall
  • Youth / Young Adult
    Overall 10 & Under
    Overall 11-14
    Overall 15-19